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Smile: its the best revenge.

live your life to the fullest, because every minute spent upset, is a minute of happiness youll never get back...

name: Roshni
Origen: Los Angeles native from an indian descent
age: 20
city: Where the sun is shining and the people are shady, Califorina
swag: check 


It saddens me, the police could be such a huge force for good. Stop the stifling of freedom of speech, halt the advance of violence…but it’s run by the wrong people. It’s run by people who want to keep their jobs and go home happy, not people who are willing to risk themselves for their country…

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you don’t realize how attached you are to someone until you go without talking to them for a bit

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I’m a Harvey fan. I’m a Donna fan.

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Water Cathedral by Gabriel de Leon | (Website)


Water Cathedral by Gabriel de Leon | (Website)

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People always say to travel while you can,while you’re young, blah blah blah. Until i actually did, I didn’t realize that it is so true! I made a rash decision to come out to Oregon for school, packed my bags in 2 days and the next thing i know i am in a different state, all alone. I got to explore in a new city on my own and venture out to do things that i never thought i would do. I got to be careless and confident out here and be a whole new person. and because of it, I met so many great people and learned things so many new things about myself. I fell in love with this city, and i cant wait to come back to Portland. Oregon is by far the most beautiful place I have ever seen with the sweetest people. 

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